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Birch Boys is proud to Sustainably Harvest 100% of our Reishi from Wild Forests with NY's Adirondack Mountain Region. Our products are born in the USA, produced internally, and crafted with love & integrity.

Our Rose Reishi Tea is the first of its kind. Did you know that this is the only tea made from wild Reishi on the market? There are two types of Red Reishi - The one that we harvest and sell  is Ganoderma tsugae, native to North America. The more prominent type of Red Reishi is Ganoderma lucidum, which is native to Asia, and is farmed commercially in China. Despite their genetic difference, they have virtually synonymous properties.

We tried combining Reishi with a lot of herbs unsuccessfully... But when we tried blending it with wild, local Rose Hips, we knew our time in the kitchen was finally over. The two ingredients come together to produce a orange-reddish colored tea, whose flavor is reminiscent of a citrus-like green tea.

This Tea is perfect for before bed, especially if you have a big day ahead of you. It's also good for a cozy night on the couch, or an evening spent reading or studying. Relax, Reboot, and Refocus with our Rose Reishi Tea Bags.