Rolf Glass - Icy Pine 42 oz Glass Carafe

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Bring the influence of Colorado and Maine right onto your tabletops, with a spectacular Rolf Icy Pinecone 42 oz Glass Carafe. Perfectly etched with an impeccably frosted pinecone design and a multi faceted detail, this Carafe is a statement of sophistication and elegance combined. Its great contrast to its finely cut and polished pine needles which sparkle in the sunlight, will give your table setting a crisp look.

  • Height: 10.125 inches
  • Width: 5.5 inches
  • Capacity: 42 oz

American glass manufacturer Rolf Glass creates imaginative designs and glass tabletop giftware engraved with distinctive images of flora and fauna. Tireless leaders in high-quality cut glass and engraved giftware, the Rolf Glass name is recognized worldwide for characteristic attention to detail and charming patterns. This collection presents the best, most unique pieces inspired by nature and the wildlife around us.

Headquartered in a former Lenox Crystal factory in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, where glassmaking has a long and storied history, Rolf Glass has demonstrated its commitment to not only American manufacturing but exceptional quality and fast availability of product